The importance of being a perfect bride

Marriage. A life time of love. A beautiful bond with that one person who will now bear witness to the rest of your life together. A joining of two families. The start of a new phase of having a significant someone to share your thoughts and dreams with. While all this is something amazing and exciting to look forward to, every woman has to go through her own share of self doubt and anxiety in various shapes and form.

The pressure is on the bride to look good for the big event. She will be the focus of every camera lens, her every expression will be caught for eternity. She will have to be conscious about every decision she takes on her clothes to her footwear to her makeup.

Beauty Salons have really simplified the task of your struggle to be the perfect bride. They have the unlimited choices for the bride to look through till she finds the perfect look. The beauty assistants truly do make the decision making a breeze. 

Once the bride has her budget decided, it then becomes easy to pick and choose on her make up, her accessories and then her clothes. They say clothes make a man and this cannot be more relevant than on a wedding day. The bride goes through the exhilarating and sometimes never-ending search for the right wedding dress. Whether its a gorgeous gown or a flowing lehenga or the ever glamorous saree, she is spoilt for choice. 

With the decisions made on what she is going to wear and how her hair is going to look, the bride now has to think about the most important aspect of getting ready for a strenuous few days of activity packed days. She will be in turn emotional at the huge step she is taking that will change her life and also be jumping for joy at getting to spend her days with the person who is going to be her companion at all that life will throw at them.

The bridal glow is something that comes into every woman’s face as she is internally so joyful at the events that start off the excitement. The printing of invitations, inviting people, the decorations, loved ones travelling from far to come bless them. Everything adds to the buzz in the air.

When the day arrives, the perfect bride is a vision of beauty, her face glowing with hope, her demeanour so poised and graceful as she acknowledges that all the people who mean something to her are near her. It is with great optimism and love that every girl enters her marriage. 

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